Sweet Sedona: Top Things to See and Do

Sedona, AZ harbors an energy that’s palpable. It’s home to four vortexes or intersections of electromagnetic earth energy that can be felt and also witnessed – just take a look at the twisting trees at one of the vortex sites.

Each year Sedona calls to the hearts of thousands drawn to its breathtaking rock formations, magnetic vortexes and spiritual experiences.

There’s plenty to do in Sedona, but there are three absolute must dos that any adventurous traveler needs to put on their bucket list.

Let’s check ’em out!

1. Boynton Canyon Vortex

The Boynton Canyon Vortex is said to carefully balance both masculine and feminine energy equally and is snuggled near a rock formation named Kachina Woman and another rock formation that supposedly harbors a more masculine type of energy.

Getting here is pretty accessible and there’s usually parking available at the Boynton Canyon Trailhead parking lot.

It’s easy to spot the trailhead from here, just follow signs to Boynton Canyon Trail. From here take the Boynton Canyon Vista Trail which drops you off in the middle of the vortex area.

If you’re lucky, there’s a super sweet local dude who hands out heart-shaped rocks encouraging others to “spread love”. Sit back, enjoy the views and take in the energy of the vortexes around you.

2. Climb a rock!

Spires, towers, trad oh my! You heard me Sedona is every sandstone Sally’s dream, just be careful out there folks! Here’s some wee advice from my favorites at https://www.mountainproject.com.

“While the rock is often soft and routes can be inconsistent in quality, there are many great adventures to be had. Many great cragging routes are also available, as well as bouldering and some basalt climbing at the higher elevations.”

Courtesy of Mountain Project.

Now, to be kind to the sport, I don’t really want to give away any specific climbing route locations (I know, I know!), but let’s just say that there’s a pretty epic two-pitch route out there with views that will take your breath away. We had our most experienced climber lead the first route and set a top rope for our friends to try out.

3. Mountain Bike Riding

There are plenty of bike shops that rent mountain bikes and also host tours if that’s your thing. Be sure to check trail conditions before getting out there as some trails flood during the Springtime. There are trails for people of all skill abilities – green (beginner), blue (intermediate) black diamond (advanced) – and can be found on Mountain Bike Project.

Mountain bike riding is exhilarating! Let me give you some tips that I learned AFTER falling off my bike and into a bush. I am a beginner so if you’ve been with the sport for a while try to not laugh. 😉

-When going uphill lean FORWARD.

-When going downhill lean BACKWARDS.


And hey, this isn’t sponsored or anything, but the guys at Bike Bean hook it up! Grab a nice, strong cup of coffee and get yourself on a bike.

If you need any additional assistance finding out where to hike, climb or bike check out National Park Maps.

As they say, free maps period for when you just need to grab a map and carve out your own adventure.

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