I’m Tori, world traveler, adventure seeker, rock climber, yogi, healer and spontaneous free spirit. I believe that to travel is to revel in what it truly means to be human, that you’re one hundred percent yourself when you’re the furthest away from all you know and that some of life’s greatest lessons can be learned “on the road.”

This blog is for you dear wild one, for challenging the status quo, for embarking on that travel journey that changed everything, for learning about another culture, falling in love with it and then never coming back home, for all the ways your heart has been touched and tickled by travel. You travel to change your perspective, to embrace change and to become a better person. You celebrate cultural diversity and relish in the fact that we’re all so different from one another but that’s what makes the human race so beautiful. You travel to see the world and have made it a personal goal to leave it a better place than it was before.

May travel always fill your heart with wonder.